Let’s Encrypt

October 17, 2017

#https #letsencrypt #ssl #tls

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With Let’s Encrypt we can create, install and manage our own certificates and enable HTTPS (SSL/TLS) for websites, for free. These are not self-signed certificates – Let’s Encrypt is a properly recognised certificate authority (CA) sponsored by some of the internet's leading brands.

It’s a particularly good solution for anyone running their own server or VPS – using the Certbot client the process of obtaining and installing a certificate is largely automated for both Apache and NGINX. Excellent tutorials here at DigitalOcean. There is a little more involved when running multiple domains on a single VPS but it is easy to do.

Installing a third-party certificate with managed hosting is also possible in some cases via cPanel. GoDaddy has this tutorial. Let’s Encrypt certificates can also be created using a wide variety of third party alternatives to Certbot which implement the ACME protocol. Personally I am most comfortable using the Certbot client.


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